Under the Balboa Pier (2016)

Much of my life I have spent traveling the world. My early childhood was spent traveling with my family on driving trips through small towns in America. We would travel as a family of six in a station wagon and tent camp in a new town almost every night. Those experiences are engrained in me and helped me appreciate the small observations and photo vignettes that I find interesting today as a professional photographer.  

I began my college education studying architecture which helped me foster an eye for visualizing perspectives.  I am essentially self-taught beginning with my first instruction over twenty years ago.  I learned the “old school” methods of developing rolls of film in a dark room with the square negatives from my Hasselblad 501C.  Most of my early work comes from small driving trips, but, this time staying in hotels.

Over the last ten years, I have transitioned to the digital world and now work on the post-production of the shots in the field. I now spend most of free time shooting fine art landscapes on trips throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

My fine art photography can be described as minimalist in approach. Oftentimes, the vision begins with simple lines or shadow perspectives and normally only one simple subject as the focal point of the shot. Sometimes, I will visit a location at different times of the day to capture different moods or alternative shadow lines on the subject. Many people will look at what I am shooting on location and wonder about my inspiration. I have always been able to see things that others would not normally see in a location or a subject of interest.

Part of my approach goes back to my childhood spent driving with my family to new locations and experiencing the landscape of structures and other natural phenomena. Many of my photography pieces feature a location or the subject matter that is unique or obscured from normal encounters. Like any human, I have my favorite subject matter and I will focus on an area of interest for several months until I think that I have mastered the topic. Right now, the focus or subject matter consuming my time includes my two recent trips in the last year to Japan.


First Place, Photography, Newport Beach Art Exhibition, 53rd Annual, 2017 - "Seawall at Sunrise"

Honorable Mention, Landscapes, International Photography Awards, 2017 - "Seawall at Sunrise"

Honorable Mention, Landscapes, International Photography Awards, 2017 - "Bad Day in 1906"

Honorable Mention, Landscapes, International Photography Awards, 2017 - "Seaweed Beds"

Honorable Mention, Nature-Trees, International Photography Awards, 2017 - "Mature Trees"

First Place, Pacific Life Photo Contest - "The Post"


Los Angeles Art Association (LAAA); Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP); Los Angeles, California

California Center for Photographic Art (CCPA); Carmel, California