Sea Wall at Otaru

This shot was a long exposure of 204 seconds with a 10 ND filter. 

There is a small fishing village in Otura Bay on the Sea of Japan in Hokkaido, Japan. This location was found on the same morning as the "Yoichi Rocks" shot (see other November 10th entry from the same morning prior to this post). I just so happened to be exploring the area and was immediately inspired by this location. 

It was a very cold morning at around 10 degrees F, not including the wind chill factor. Although I brought special hunting gloves, (with removable finger tips pads) so that I could operate the camera and keep my hands warm, I found the process to be more trouble than beneficial. So, I ended up taking off my gloves to adjust the settings on the camera.  Of course, as soon as everything was set, I would quickly put my gloves back on and wait for the exposure. 

There is a unique beauty in this masculine shot, as the hues dance together with the strength of the seawall. The ocean's horizon line meets perfectly in the middle of the seawall, making it one of my most balanced photos.