Bad Day in 1906

Water, Bad Day in 1906.jpg

Spent the weekend on the Oregon Coast photographing mostly long exposure shots with the heavy cloud movement. I haven't been to the Oregon Coast in 20 years and I forgot how beautiful some of the settings are with the rock formations and ocean vistas. 

This spot is on the very north edge of the Oregon Coast and the site of what remains of the Peter Iredale shipwreck. The Peter Iredale was a 285-foot ship that ran aground in 1906. The crew altered course to enter the mouth of the Columbia River in thick mist and a rising tide and ended up embedded in Clatsop Sands (now called Clatsop Spit).  No casualties occurred in the accident.

Although the Peter Iredale was a wooden ship, the structure of the ship was metal framework and all that remains of the ship is the bow and the two mast platforms. 

The long exposure shot was 130 seconds using a 10 ND filter. Held an umbrella over the camera the entire time due to the constant rain.